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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three new properties conserved in Westport

Continuing with our 11-year partnership in Westport with the Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT), Community Conservation Specialist Chris Detwiller recently completed projects that permanently conserve three beautiful properties through the donation of conservation restrictions.

The first two properties, owned by the Bryan and Jansen families, feature 50 acres of woodlands abutting WLCT's 76-acre Old Harbor Wildlife Refuge. Both CRs include trail easements that will expand the Refuge's trail system and allow the public to access a total of nearly 140 contiguous acres of protected open space, including the 11-acre Sherden CR protected by TTOR and WLCT in 2011. Prime Forest Soils are found throughout the entirety of both properties, and multiple vernal pools have been documented.

Field on the Reed Conservation Restriction
The third property is a spectacular 15-acre property located on the East Branch of the Westport River, owned by Douglas Reed. The property features 900 feet of frontage on the river, stunning views, active farmland, and BioMap Core Habitat and Critical Natural Landscape. Protection of the property also expands on contiguous protected farmland and open space through its connection to the adjacent 80-acre Donald Tripp Farm, protected by an Agricultural Preservation Restriction.


Rob said...

Would love to see a map associated with these new conservation properties/projects as you post about them. Great work!

CR Program - The Trustees of Reservations said...

Thanks for your interest in our work in Westport. The trails on the two CRs next to Old Harbor Wildlife Refuge haven't yet been created or opened to the public, but the CRs do include an easement that allows for that in the stay tuned!