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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Expanding "On the Land" to include more conservation projects as they happen!

The "On the Land" blog is expanding to include timely reports about The Trustees of Reservations conservation projects as they unfold while continuing to highlight interesting stories about the conservation restrictions under our care. We hope you enjoy this broader view of the full range of our conservation efforts!

The Trustees of Reservations carries out dozens of important conservation projects each and every year, and has permanently protected a remarkable 76,000 acres since it was founded in 1891. That's more than twice the area of the City of Boston, but accomplished through projects in every region of Massachusetts.

Our conservation work includes new properties that we acquire and open to the public -- those 109 reservations across the state like the new Westport Town Farm.

View of the Westport River from the Westport Town Farm
We also secure additions to existing properties -- land that connects to a nearby park, adds a better trail head, or provides a buffer to a fragile pond or scenic view. We call these projects "critical lands" because of their importance to the integrity of what we already own and to the role they play in improving the experience of our visitors.

The Trustees also acquires permanent conservation restrictions on privately-owned land (at present, 370 properties on 20,000 acres)  that contain the same type of exceptional natural areas, historic homes, scenic views, farms or water sources that you'll find on our Reservations.

Langwater Estate, Easton where TTOR is in the process of acquiring a permanent restriction

Finally, we assist state and federal agencies, cities and towns, and other land conservation groups to carry out their projects that result in permanently conserved land. While The Trustees don't hold any interest in the land going forward, our role is often crucial to the success of complex or expensive projects that require our expertise or funding.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you in the days ahead so you can keep up on the latest news from "On the Land" as it happens!

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