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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vernal Pool Workshop with Hilltown Land Trust & The Trustees of Reservations - this Thursday and Saturday in Williamsburg!

The weather may have turned our forests a bit dry these last few weeks, but vernal pools (aka "wicked big puddles" full of snowmelt and interesting amphibian and insect life!) are still holding water in many places across Massachusetts!  Trustees of Reservations' affiliate, The Hilltown Land Trust, in cooperation with The Trustees' Conservation Restriction Program are holding a Vernal Pool Exploration in two parts this Thursday and Saturday, May 2 and May 4.  Free and open to the public, we invite people to attend and learn more about the fascinating biology of vernal pools, and how you as interested citizens can help obtain greater legal protection for local vernal pools through documenting the life within!  

The large vernal pool we will explore covers nearly an acre on a beautiful ridgetop, supplying critical breeding habitat for amphibians and other pool life, and a cool drink for the deer, bobcat, bear, fisher, and other creatures that call the Western Massachusetts Hilltowns home!  This is also a rare opportunity to see a privately owned conservation restriction property up close, and we thank the landowners for allowing us to hold this fun springtime event on their land.  Also of note, Professor Scott Jackson of the UMass Department of Environmental Conservation will accompany the Saturday field day, to offer his expert knowledge on the amphibian egg masses, tadpoles and larvae, and invertebrates we are sure to find! 

If you cannot make Part 1, please do feel free to attend Part 2!   RSVP appreciated - info on the flyer pictured above!  Event info also available on Hilltown Land Trust's Website and Facebook Page

Part 1 - Vernal Pools - Introductory Presentation
Where: Williamsburg Library - 2 Williams Street, Williamsburg, MA 01096
When: Thursday - May 2, 2013.  7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Part 2 - Exploration of a Vernal Pool!
Where: High Ridge Farm - Ice Road, Williamsburg, MA, 01096
When: Saturday - May 4, 2013.  9:00 AM - Noon

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