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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ipswich Salt Marsh CRs

Understandably, the salt marshes that The Trustees hold CRs on along Argilla Rd in Ipswich weren't much to look at on the cold, gloomy day we did our monitoring a few weeks ago, but I could certainly grasp what a vital ecosystem of plants and animals these wetlands support. 

As a native of western PA, I was curious to know more and have since learned that these CR protected salt marshes are part of what's known as the Great Marsh. At 25,000 acres, it's the largest contiguous salt marsh north of Long Island, NY.   This amazing salt marsh ecosystem supports over 30 species of shorebirds including the threatened Piping Plover and many other plant and animal species listed as "rare" and protected by the MA Endangered Species Act.

Although the 285+ acres of salt marsh protected by these 20+ CRs makes up only a small percentage of the Great Marsh, every bit helps to buffer this incredible coastal habitat from the ongoing threats of adjacent land development.

Sally Naser, CR Monitoring Specialist


Ordinary said...

Thanks for sharing a peek at these little-seen, beautiful places, and all you and the trustess do to protect them!

Adam Kurowski said...
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Adam Kurowski said...

I like the final design ideas for Gateway Park. Great work TTOR and the staff that made this happen.